We are pleased to announce the launch of DAFT about DRAFT, a new brand that creates products that can be shared for a long time in life with the same free and delicate ideas as fashion. The store will be directed by Taiju Yamashita, a designer and architect, and will offer a variety of items to add color to your life, including originally designed furniture and select brand products from overseas. The grand opening of the flagship store is scheduled for August 2022 in Omotesando, Tokyo.

The brand name is "DAFT about DRAFT". We want to design with a sense of freedom and humor, without being bound by fixed concepts. We expressed this overflowing playful spirit with the phrase "daft about~," which means "enthusiastic and absorbed in...". Furniture, like clothing, is a vessel that envelops people and enhances their natural good qualities. This is why our desire is to create products that are more people-centered.